Ntagengwa,, Jean Baptiste

The Rev. Dr. Jean Baptiste Ntagengwa holds a Th.D. in Philosophy, Theology, and Ethics from Boston University School of Theology in Massachusetts. Dr. Ntagengwa is co-founder and President of Umunara, Inc. in Chelsea, and Assistant Priest at the Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit in Mattapan, Massachusetts.

Overcoming Cycles of Violence in Rwanda: Ethical Leadership and Ethnic Justice
2010 0-7734-1411-8
This book draws upon Paul Tillich’s method of correlation and Stephen B. Bevans’s translation and praxis models of contextual theology to develop perspectives on social changes. Its theory of ethical leadership is informed by drawing contrasts among different social change theories and practices, including those of Martin Luther King, Jr., Paulo Freire, Camilo Torres, and Nelson Mandela.

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