Richardson, James T.

Money and Power in the New Religions
1990 0-88946-852-4
A collection of essays focusing on the interaction of material and ideological or theological elements in some of the new religions or cults that have achieved prominence in recent years. Particularly noteworthy are case studies showing how several of these groups have been greatly influenced by material concerns. Among the new religions or cults examined are Mormonism, the Unification Church (Moonies), Hare Krishna, the Love Family, the English Rajneesh commune, est, Transcendental Meditation, 3HO, Divine Light Mission, and Centerpoint (a New Zealand group).

Price: $259.95

THE BRAINWASHING / DEPROGRAMMING CONTROVERSY: Sociological, Legal, and Historical Perspectives
1983 0-88946-868-0
Twenty-one essays that comprise a multidisciplinary examination of the issues and controversies raised by the activities of religious cults.

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