Ford, James H.

James H. Ford is a visiting professor at Texas Southern University.

Rational Blindness: A Socio-psychological Investigation of a Phenomenon that Disrupts the Self-efficacy Development of African American Culture
2022 1-4955-1018-2
"Below is the theory of Rational Blindness (RB) and its connection to men and women of African descent. Rational Blindness is seductively inductive reasoning that those of African descent find themselves using to navigate their worlds, worlds controlled by racism and oppression. Rational Blindness is a phenomenon that can disrupt the development of self-efficacy for many men and women within these societies. Rational Blindness, for African Americans, is acquired primarily through oppression and racism. ...[Those] who are browbeaten must slip the blindfold over their eyes and accept their position as rational. Every decision after that is made using the blind rationale. Rational Blindness is one way that ideology affects one's ability to judge clearly. What one believes establishes what one can see and think." -James H. Ford

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