Houston, James G.

About the author: James Houston is presently Director of the School of Criminal Justice at Grand Valley State University, Allendale, Michigan. He holds a PhD in Urban Studies emphasizing policy analysis and criminal justice. Dr. Houston has extensive field experience and has published two additional books and a number of articles in refereed journals. He also has extensive experiences as consultant to agencies and the media.

Crime, Policy, and Criminal Behavior in America
2001 0-7734-7661-X
This study attempts to shed light on the scope of crime and the fact that we have been misled by politicians and the media into thinking that our nation is about to be overrun by criminals. It begins with an overview of crime and discusses the amounts of crime in terms of numbers and rates. The figures do not add up to a crime wave. Succeeding chapters discuss economic considerations. All chapters attempt to acquaint the reader with the criminal justice system and how it works. How to rationally approach crime policy receives a front seat in the final discussion, and the reader is educated on the policy process to be able to work with elected officials and assist in the initiation of effective crime policy.

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