Oldfield, J. R.

Alexander Crummell (1819-1898) and the Creation of an African - American Church in Liberia
1990 0-88946-074-4
A pioneering work that draws on extensive research in archives in England and the United States to shed new light on Alexander Crummell, generally regarded as the leading black intellectual of the nineteenth century. Charts Crummell's extraordinary career as a writer, teacher, orator, and minister and explores his relationships with such persons as E. W. Blyden, John Edward Bruce, and W. E. B. DuBois. Pays particular attention to Crummell's work as a missionary with the Protestant Episcopal Church in West Africa. Uncovers for the first time his role in the creation of a national (Episcopal) church in Liberia and sheds new light on the genesis of his romantic racialism.

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