Silva, J. Donald

Dr. J. Donald Silva is Professor Emeritus at the University of New Hampshire, Durham, where he taught English for 42 years. He is the author of A Bibliography (works in English) on the Madeira Islands. Durham, N.H.: Essays in Portuguese Studies, Number 5, 1978, and "With Columbus in Madeira." Portuguese Studies Review (Durham, NH), vol. 1, number 1 (Spring-Summer 1991). He often visits Madeira where his family has lived since the 15th century.

An Annotated Bibliography and Internet Guide for the Madeira Islands
2005 0-7734-6169-8
For the first time in English, a comprehensive list of over 500 books, articles and manuscripts about the Madeira Islands summarized and with an outline of island history since its discovery in 1419, including website addresses that guide students of Madeiran Studies to archives, book inventories, private collections, libraries, manuscripts, theses, government documents and periodical essays. Identifies, selects, classifies and summarizes aspects of Madeira from marine fauna to folklore dancing, primary sources for students from secondary school to graduate school and invaluable data for newcomers and rare book collectors. The scattered literature from libraries and offices throughout Europe and America brought together in one volume including recent original works in Portuguese with simple and clear author, title, subject and web site indexes for efficient use.

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