Hecht, Ingrid

Dr. Ingrid Hecht practiced professional medicine and was a leader of active social medicine in Goettingen, Germany. She received her Ph.D. from the Forschungsinsitut für Lungenkrankheiten und Tuberkulose in Berlin. Dr. Hecht’s research focuses on noted German Historian Leopold van Ranke and his wife, Clarissa von Ranke.

Interdisciplinary Cooperation Between Scientists and Historians in the Nineteenth Century: A Study of Medical Dissertations in the Private Library of the German Historian Leopold Von Ranke
2013 0-7734-4306-1
The first discovery of and commentary on the medical dissertations existing in the private library collection of noted nineteenth-century historian Leopold von Ranke originating in the Friedrich-Wilhelms-University in Berlin and later purchased and removed to the library at the University of Syracuse in New York State.

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