Puig, Idoya

About the author: Dr. Idoya Puig is Lecturer in Languages at The Manchester Metropolitan University

Personal Memories of the Days of the Spanish Civil War in Catalan and English: Lluís Puig Casas
1999 0-7734-7996-1
Lluís Puig Casas was not affiliated to any particular political party but sympathised with the Catalan right. When the uprising began he was caught in the violence unleashed in the first months of the war. The uprising did not succeed in Barcelona but it was followed by an attempt to carry out a social revolution. His brother was killed by anarchist extremists and Casas had to live for several months in hiding. In August 1937 he joined the Republican Army fighting in the Aragon Front, fighting alongside the enemy and against those he would have preferred to win. The diary is a testimony of the complexities and divisions of a society at war. It reflects daily life in Barcelona and the hardships endured by soldiers in the trenches.

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