King, Ian T.

About the author: Dr. Ian King received his PhD in Political Science at the University of Minnesota. He has been teaching at Hendrix College for the last fifteen years.

Dialectical Social Science in the Age of Complexity
2001 0-7734-7625-3
Places dialectical thinking, theory, and method on a solid scientific footing with respect to the contemporary sciences of holistic-relationism; and offers a competing, even superior, philosophy of social science to the mainstream version of positivistic-behaviorism. It also indicates ways in which a dialectical, holistic-relational social science will help to shape a more democratic, humane style of politics and public policy. It subjects mainstream social science to a wholesale reorientation it its basic world view, epistemology, and methodology, and in doing so offers a valid prescription for a post-positivistic, post-behaviorist social science that is thoroughly scientifically grounded.

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Political Theory of Darwinism: Zoon Politikon and the Evolutionary Case for Social Democracy
2008 0-7734-5140-4
This study explores the theoretical impact the evolutionary sciences, in general, and holistic Darwinism in particular, have for any one political ideology that seeks to ground itself within a scientific view of human nature. The text demonstrates how several Marxian ideological principles are quite at odds with the view of human nature espoused by holistic Darwinism, broadly conceived. The author tentatively suggests that it is Social Democracy, as opposed to Marxism or liberal-democratic capitalism, which is the most adaptive political ideology in the twenty-first century.

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