Meynell, Hugo

Dr. Meynell is a retired Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Calgary. He obtained his Ph.D. at King’s College, Cambridge (U.K.).

Art of Handel's Operas
1986 0-88946-425-1
Explains how Handel's operas are outstanding expressions of the opera tradition as it had developed to the late 18th century. Contains detailed consideration of Handel's work between 1705 and 1741.

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Epistemological Argument Against Atheism. Why a Knowledge of God is Implied in Everything We Know
2012 0-7734-1566-1
With his extraordinary command over English and his ability to transmit ideas clearly, Meynell takes on the concept of atheism and what he labels as Schleiermacher’s cultured ‘despisers of religion’. He argues that the concept of God is a rational belief and that the awareness of divinity illuminates the path for science. Not only does Meynell defend the existence of God, but also Christianity itself. He describes it as a form of dispensation to meet our human condition which acts as a substitute to the atheistic materialist alternative. Meynell adds that there is much to be learned from other religions and that religion can co-exist with critical philosophy and science.

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Why Happiness Includes Fairness: An Essay in Soft Utilitarian Ethics
2013 0-7734-4336-3
A study of ethical principles and theories. Dr. Meynell defines the good in ethical matters as depending in large part, although not entirely, on how an action effects the happiness of and the fairness to sentient beings. He calls this “soft utilitarianism”.

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