Zawati, Hilmi M.

Dr. Hilmi Zawati, an international criminal law jurist and human rights advocate, is currently the president of the International Legal Advocacy Forum (ILAF). He has studied law at different American, Canadian, Middle Eastern, and African universities, and earned several law degrees, including the prestigious doctor of civil law (D.C.L.) in international comparative law (McGill), M.A. in comparative law (McGill), Ph.D. in international energy political economics (CPU), M.A. in Islamic law of nations (Punjab), Post-Graduate Diploma in public law (Khartoum), and LL.B. (Alexandria-Beirut campus). Before Joining ILAF, Dr. Zawati has taught numerous subjects at both Kuwait University and Bishop’s University over the past thirty years, and been a prominent speaker and author on a number of hotly debated legal issues. During the past decade or so, he organized, co-chaired, and participated in several international conferences and addressed major academic and professional gatherings in a number of Middle Eastern countries, Africa, Europe, and at home in Canada. Dr. Zawati has an accomplished body of trans-disciplinary scholarship. His present primary research and teaching areas are: public international law; international criminal law; international humanitarian and human rights law; international gender justice system; international environmental law of armed conflict; and Islamic law of nations (siyar). Dr. Zawati has been a committed human rights activist over the last three decades and has actively advocated human rights of wartime rape victims throughout the world ever since the first reports of war crimes during the Yugoslav dissolution war of 1992-1995. He is the author of several prize-winning books on international humanitarian and human rights law, including his recent book The Triumph of Ethnic Hatred and the Failure of International Political Will: Gendered Violence and Genocide in the Former Yugoslavia and Rwanda (Edwin Mellen Press, 2010). Dr. Zawati’s most recent work is his book Fair Labelling and the Dilemma of Prosecuting Gender-Based Crimes at the International Criminal Tribunals (Oxford University Press, 2014).

Is Jihad a Just War? War, Peace and Human Rights Under Islamic and Public International Law
2002 0-7734-7304-1

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Selected Socio-Legal Bibliography on Ethnic Cleansing, Wartime Rape, and Genocide in the Former Yugoslavia and Rwanda
2004 0-7734-6260-0
Winner of the Adele Mellen Prize for Distinguished Contribution to Scholarship

The aim of this bibliography, comprising more than 6,000 entries, is to facilitate and promote the research and writing of legal scholars, students and human rights activists in the fields of ethnic cleansing, genocide and sexual violence during national and international armed conflicts. It provides an overview of carefully selected socio-legal materials published in English and other European languages on ethnic cleansing, genocide and sexual violence during armed conflict in the Former Yugoslavia and Rwanda. This timely project, which commemorates the tenth anniversary of the ethnic cleansing and genocide in the Former Yugoslavia and Rwanda, has a great deal of interest to academics and those who are active in conflict/dispute settlement efforts in war-torn areas of the world.

The entire bibliography is alphabetically organized and sequentially numbered. Entries are arranged by format under eleven main headings, with each heading divided into different sub-headings. Books, collections of essays, periodical articles, addresses, interviews, proceedings, dissertations, and manuscripts are arranged alphabetically by the first letter of the family name of the author/editor. Encyclopedia articles, treaties, national agreements, decisions, declarations, and legislations, government documents, NGO documents, professional associations’ documents, audio-visual materials, and press releases are organized alphabetically by the first letter of the document’s title. In some cases, particularly for United Nations documents, entries are arranged in chronological order.

To facilitate searching this bibliography, all material is organized in a detailed table of contents, and an author/editor index is provided at the end of the volume. This index is arranged according to the alphabetical order of the author/ editor’s last name and refers to the number of each entry listed under that name in the body of the bibliography.

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Triumph of Ethnic Hatred and the Failure of International Political Will: Gendered Violence and Violence in the Former Yugoslavia and Rwanda
2010 0-7734-3698-7
This inquiry is carried out in three interrelated parts. The first part explores the roots of ethnic conflict in the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda and analytically discusses the mechanisms and motivations that led to genocidal rape, ethnic cleansing and mass killings in these regions. It reveals and analyzes the dramatic and overwhelming relationship between national extremism, mass killings, and sexual violence in ethno-national conflicts.

The second part of this analysis establishes a framework for understanding the nature and contours of sexual violence through case-studies of systematic rape as an integral element of ethnic conflict and genocide in the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda. It provides a critical view of the ideology of wartime sexual violence and wartime rape motivations as among the most destructive weapons of war, highlighting the historical invisibility of this crime in which women were, and still are, the major targets and most vulnerable victims.

Finally, part three of this volume discloses the equivocal role of the international community in managing the crisis. It addresses the ambiguous question of why the international community, represented by United Nations peacekeeping missions, was unable to prevent or to stop the mass killing and atrocities.

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