Schwarz, Hans

Hans Schwarz earned his Dr. Theol. from Erlangen University. He is Professor of Protestant Theology at Regensburg University and Adjunct Professor of Systemic Theology at Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary.

Method and Context as Problems for Contemporary Theology Doing Theology in an Alien World
1991 0-7734-9677-7
A proposal for the need to concentrate on the basic and simple art of "doing theology" in the context of a world which needs a word that is distinct from its own - a world alienated from God and still yearning to overcome its primordial alienation. Theology must be able to convey the ultimate message which is without equal, to overcome being a minority voice in an overcrowded "market".

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The Nazarenes, A Nineteenth Century Art Movement: Romanticizing the Historical Jesus (hardcover)
2022 1-4955-0933-9
This monograph describes the influence of the Nazarenes, a movement based in Germany during the Romantic era. The Nazarenes created images of the Bibles and Jesus that affected European Christianity.

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THE THEOLOGICAL AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF HANS SCHWARZ A Multi-Cultural and Multi-Denominational Christian Ministry
2009 0-7734-4724-5
This book presents the life a pastor and theologian with an appreciation for both church and academia. This book contains fifty-four black and white photographs.

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