Karan, Hakan

Dr. Hakan Karan, LLM, Ph.D. in law, Attorney-at-Law, is an Assistant Professor at the Law Faculty of Ankara University and a Consultant to the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He is a member of the Research Institute of Banking and Commercial Law in Ankara as well as the ICC Commission on Transport and Logistics. He regularly attends the meetings of the IMO Legal Committee as a Turkish delegate. He writes and teaches in the field of Maritime and Commercial Law including the International Law of the Sea.

Carrier’s Liability Under International Maritime Convention - The Hague, Hague-Visby and Hamburg Rules
2005 0-7734-6174-4
The research centers on the sea carrier's liability for loss of or damage to goods under convention based regimes. The unification, clarification and simplification of national laws regulating maritime trade have always been targets of lawyers and business people who would like to be aware of their possible legal risks in their contracts performed by sea. With these aim, three conventions were prepared: the Hague, Hague- Visby and Hamburg Rules. They with different texts and legislative styles have become the main reason for lack of uniformity in the field of the carriage of goods by sea today. In this thesis, what requirements were made them necessary are explained, and if there were any needs for other conventions is answered. The carrier's liabilities under the three Conventions are also identified, evaluated and compared.

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