Hoffman, Hadassah H.

Dr. Hadassah H. Hoffman has received degrees from Bennington College, New York University, and Say brook Graduate School and Research Center in 2002. She was registered as a Dance Therapist in 1985. This book was originally written as her dissertation. Dr. Hoffman lives in New York, where she maintains a private practice at The Center for Experiential Psychotherapy. Her work combines Humanistic psychology, Dance! Movement Therapy, and Voice Dialogue. Her other published work includes "Sandor Ferenczi and The Origins of Humanistic Psychology," in The Journal of Humanistic Psychology (Fall, 2003) and "Integrating Movement Into a Voice Dialogue session," in Voice Dialogue International, 1995.

Connections and Parallels Between Humanistic Psychology and Modern Dance at Jacob’s Pillow
2004 0-7734-6226-0
This study explores how the development of humanistic psychology paralled the evolution of modern dance, and what the connections were between the fields as they grew. This is a study of three fields developing within the 20th century. It demonstrates the relevance of the arts to humanistic psychology, and the ways in which the psychologists and dancers influenced each other.

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