Morgan, Gwendolyn A.

Dr. Gwendolyn A. Morgan is Professor of English at Montana State University, where she specializes in medieval literature and languages and popular culture. She is the author of three previous books, Anglo-Saxon Poetry in Imitative Translation (2001); Medieval Balladry: Chivalry, Romance, and Everyday Life (1996); and Medieval Balladry and the Courtly Tradition (1993). Dr. Morgan is also the editor of the annual series The Year’s Work in Medievalism. She is currently Director of Conference Activities for the International Society for the Study of Medievalism, for whom she also serves on the Executive Committee.

Anglo-Saxon Poetry in Imitative Translation: The Harp and the Cross
2001 0-7734-7647-4
Anglo-Saxon poetry has increasingly become the province of a few specialists sufficiently acquainted with the Old English language, poetics, and culture to read it in the original. Except for Beowulf and standard anthologized versions of the more famous works, most Anglo-Saxon verse remains unavailable to modern English readers. This volume offers a sampling of the Anglo-Saxon shorter poems in modern recreations which remain literally accurate as well as imitative in specific prosody. With its arrangement, introductory materials, and specific selections, it also provides the reader with a sense of the Anglo-Saxon world view. In many cases it provides the only modern English translation of these works.

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Invention of False Medieval Authorities as a Literary Device in Popular Fiction
2006 0-7734-5939-1
This study explores the construction of false authority within and by contemporary popular fiction, especially within those tales concerned with the creation of texts themselves. This practice represents a return to medieval theories of authority, where the Bible, theology, and the ancient classics represented recourse for the assertions of contemporary thinkers and writers.

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