Nassir, Ghazi Q

Ghazi Q. Nassir is currently an associate professor of English Literature at the American university of Kuwait. He earned his Ph.D. from Florida State University.

Samuel Johnson’s Attitude Toward Islam: A Study of His Oriental Readings and Writings
2012 0-7734-3917-X
This volume is the first to juxtapose pre-existing texts with Samuel Johnson’s portrayal of the Orient, particularly Islam and Arab culture. Nassir asserts that Johnson’s observations of Islam in both his writings and conversations prove that he did not look at it objectively and was highly biased against Islam and Arab culture in his assessment. The book seeks to furnish the students of eighteenth century English literature, Johnsonian scholars, and orientalists with useful observations of his orientalism as a whole in light of Johnson’s life, personality, and period in which he wrote.

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