Rosales, Gerardo Piña

About the author: Dr. Rosales was born in Andalusia, Spain, and raised in Morocco. He received his PhD in Spanish Literature from The Graduate School and University Center of CUNY. He is professor of Spanish Literature at Lehman College and the The Graduate School and University Center of CUNY. He is a Numerary member of the North American Academy of the Spanish Language and Correspondent of the Royal Spanish Academy. He has published extensively on the narrative of the Spanish exile.

La Obra Narrative De Segundo Serrano Poncela Crónica Del Desarraigo
1999 0-7734-8162-1
The Narrative of S. Serrano Poncela, Chronicle of Uprootedness is the first comprehensive work devoted to the study of the literary production of Segundo Serrano Poncela, a writer who found himself in exile after the Spanish Civil War. Poncela's topics are not only about war and exile, but also about his exploration of Latin American, the Caribbean and the United States. His works transcend the topical and temporary and are related more to the private and psychological aspects of individuals than to social reality. In Spanish.

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