Carew, George M.

Dr. George Carew is Vice President for Academic Affairs at the United Methodist University in Monrovia, Liberia. He completed his Ph.D. at the University of Connecticut. Dr. Carew has published several articles in political philosophy and has taught in many universities in the United States and Africa.

2006 0-7734-5839-5
After three consecutive waves of unsuccessful attempts to transplant democracy in postcolonial Africa, it is necessary for those engaged in any kind of political theorizing to take time to reflect on both the path the theory has taken and the path that lies ahead. The ethnically-induced conflicts in Africa and the worsening sectarian crisis in many parts of the continent have resisted easy analysis by comparative empirical research. Thus, it is unlikely that future analysis along the path will illuminate the crisis of African democracy.

This book delineates a vision that moves beyond the dominant research paradigm toward a new way of constructing a framework of analysis. It requires the avoidance of artificial differences among approaches by drawing simultaneously on normative political theory, analytical methods and comparative empirical research. This alternative approach develops a radically reconstructive view to a wide range of social and political issues.

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