Carter, George E.

About the author: George E. Carter has over forty years professional experience as a researcher, writer, administrator and teacher. Dr. Carter’s academic career includes positions and fellowships with Dartmouth College, Yale University, UCLA, University of Wisconsin/Lacrosse, University of South Carolina, Wartburg College, Bishops University in Canada and Rhodes University in South Africa. Dr. Carter’s broad record of publications are included in a host of journals including American Studies in Southern Africa, American Studies International, Dartmouth Library Journal, Oregon Historical Quarterly, Historical New Hampshire, Explorations in Ethnic Studies, and Discourse. He has also served as co-editor of the Black Abolitionist Papers and associate editor of the Papers of Daniel Webster Project.

Life of David Peter Faure, a Unitarian in South Africa
2010 0-7734-1289-1
This exploration of Faure’s life provides not only the history of an individual but also information on the controversies in the political, spiritual, judicial and journalistic worlds which were shaping South Africa on the road to Union and apartheid.

Price: $159.95

Story of Joshua D. Breyfogle, Private, 4th Ohio Infantry (10th Ohio Cavalry) and the Civil War
2001 0-7734-7497-8
At the age of 54, Joshua Breyfogle, a tailor from a small town in Central Ohio, left his wife and six children and enlisted in the Union army, serving for four years as a soldier in infantry and cavalry units in both the Eastern and Western theaters of the conflict. These letters and account books are gems in terms of detailed and descriptive accounts of what was happening to him and to his sons all through the War, providing an excellent source for a social history of the United States in the 19th century, as well as shedding new light on the Civil War soldier as an individual.

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