Padmore, George Arthur

Memoirs of a Liberian Ambassador: George Arthur Padmore
1996 0-7734-8744-1
It is a rarity that participants of the Liberian political scene commit to writing their impressions of events. Ambassador Padmore joins perhaps only the late Vice-President C. L. Simpson and Professor T. O. Dosumo-Johnson in providing eyewitness glimpses into recent decades of Liberian political history. His fascinating memoirs highlight events such highlights as the transfer of power from President King to President Barclay in 1930, the Barclay to Tubman succession in 1944, and the Ambassador's own eventful tour of service as Liberia's Ambassador to the United States, 1956-1961. The portrayal of the character, personality and leadership style of President Barclay, a Liberian philosopher-king (if ever there was one) stands as yet another dimension of the contribution of this rare socio-political recollection to scholarship.

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