Giddings, Geoffrey Jahwara

About the author: Dr. Geoffrey Jahwara Giddings received his PhD in African American Studies from Temple University. He is currently an Assistant Professor and Coordinator of the African and African American Studies Program at Antioch College, Ohio.

Contemporary Afrocentric Scholarship - Toward a Functional Cultural Philosophy
2003 0-7734-6659-2
This study fills the void in serious, balanced analysis of the significance, origins, characteristics, goals and scope of Afrocentric scholarship. It answers the strong need for updated analysis of what Malcolm X, Maulana Karenga, William Cross, Harold Cruse and many others have seen as a cultural crisis among African Americans. The book’s special achievement is in determining how Kawaida, Black Psychology, and Afrocentricity, as systems of knowledge, have continued this cultural analysis and even advanced prescriptions in a culture-nationalist vein. The study will guide scholars and students of African American history and culture through the varied yet consistent contributions of African American culture-nationalist scholarship.

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