Cho, Gene Jinsiong

About the author: Gene Jinsiong Cho received his PhD in music theory from Northwestern University. He is currently Professor of Music at the University of North Texas. He was also a guest professor in Hong Kong and Taiwan. His publications include theory pedagogy manuals, monographs in music theory and historical (ethno-) musicology, including Theories and Practice of Harmonic Analysis (Mellen, 1992). His original compositions have been performed in the United States, Asia, and Europe.

The Discovery of Musical Equal Temperament in China and Europe in the Sixteenth Century
2003 0-7734-6941-9
This study provides little-known mathematical, musicological and scientific facts regarding the discovery of musical equal temperament, and narrates the circumstances of the discovery in the historical and cultural contexts of the period (mid 16th to early 17th centuries) which, in turn, is placed in the intellectual chronology of the Eastern and Western worlds. By offering documentary evidence and information not found in Western publications, the book invites the reader to see the mathematics of the equal temperament and its discovery in an entirely new light.

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Theories and Practice of Harmonic Analysis
1992 0-7734-9917-2
This volume brings together the essential information regarding the theories of harmonic analysis. It provides a list of concerns and proposes procedural perspectives and recommendations for analysis and for harmonic analysis in particular. It is also a critical review and reassessment of Gottfried Weber's contribution to harmonic analysis and demonstrates proper application of Weber's analytic system. The text is augmented by over sixty musical examples.

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