Bentley, Jr., G.E.

G.E. Bentley, Jr. taught at the University of Toronto.

Emigrants or a Trip to the Ohio, a Theatrical Farce (1817): A Comedic Portrayal of English Emigrants Who Never Get to America
2012 0-7734-4088-7
George Cumberland’s unpublished and almost unrecorded farce of about 1817 called The Emigrants or A Trip to The Ohio amiably pokes fun at Yankees, Yorkshiremen, Irishmen, and Utopians, and it is a treasure-house of slang, such as “Obstropelous”. Its polymath author was a prolific artist, inventor, geologist, poet, political radical, novelist, and intimate friend of William Blake.

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Thomas Macklin (1752-1800), Picture - Publisher and Patron: Creator of the Macklin Bible (1791-1800)
2016 1-4955-0453-0
This critical study of one of the most successful engravers, printseller, and publishers of the late-18th century, Thomas Macklin, fills a lacuna of information about this major figure in book culture of the 18th Century. Because very little has been said or written about Macklin, this work is a significant contribution to scholarship in this field and essential reading for anyone with a serious interest in this period of history.

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WILLIAM BLAKE’S CONVERSATIONS: A Compilation, Concordance, and Rhetorical Analysis
2008 0-7734-4848-9
Dedicated to the analysis of William Blake’s conversations, this study examines how the poet’s pronunciation and dialect influence the full or partial consonance of his rhymes.

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