Vallejo, Gaby

About the author: Gaby Vallejo has been a distinguished Professor of Language and Literature, president of the Bolivian branch of PEN, and an advocate for children’s libraries. Vallejo has published four novels, stories for children, and numerous articles. She has won various awards including the Erich Guttentag for ?Hijo de Opa! and the 2001 national prize in literature.

English Translation of Bolivian Novel ¡ Hijo De Opa! / Son of the Murdered Maid
2002 0-7734-7211-8
The novel chronicles the degeneration of a middle-class landowning family related to the national Revolution of 1952, agrarian reform and three decades of political repression. Vallejo skillfully intertwines “public” political abuse with “private” abuse of females, in which both silence and illness play major thematic and stylistic roles.

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