Toulchinsky, G.

The book’s final pages are devoted to liberalism and its characteristics. Here Toulchinsky joins other leading philosophers in actively searching for a “liberal package of ideas”. And while philosophers seek an answer to the question of social renewal, they also admit that the renewal of society is, apart from anything else, and primarily, a renewal of society’s vision. About the author: Grigorii Lvovich Toulchinsky is a researcher, lecturer and publicist on the philosophy of culture and personality, logic and social government. A Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, he holds a professorial chair at the Russian State University of Culture and the Arts and a state award for his services to scholarship. He is the author of over two hundred publications. In Russian

Freedom and Sense - A New Shift of Paradigm in the Humanities
2001 0-7734-3375-9
This book by Russian philosopher Grigorii Toulchinsky provides a spiritual summation of the achievements of the twentieth century, and a survey of prospects for further development of the humanities. The author both reviews various philosophical trends and movements, and also engages in discussion and polemics with members of the American, European and Russian philosophical community and also with others standing outside this sphere. In his chapter on postmodernism, for instance, Toulchinsky not only defines the general features of this movement, summarizing its achievement and pointing out the impasse into which it has led. He also comments on the shift of accent in our interpretation of reality (being) from “intellectuality” to spirituality and physicality. A general emphasis on this quality in modern culture is seen in currently widespread consumerism, the cult of health and fitness, the accentuation of sexuality, the flourishing porno-industry, and the formation and promotion of attractive images in advertising, politics, art, and even in religion and science.

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