Malinetskii, G. G.

Synergetics and the Study of the Future
1999 0-7734-3260-4
The authors developed a new approach to the future originating from the ideas, conceptions and methods of synergetics. It is shown how the results of this interdisciplinary approach change the scientific picture of the world. It becomes clear that the points are not new technologies or scientific paradigms , but the strategy of science’s development itself, the meanings and values of our civilization. Today’s decisions and their implications change not only political, social or economic trajectory of the individual countries, nations, regions, but they change the historical trajectory. All this requires development of new approaches, new technologies of the past’s analysis, which could enable us to catch the future and would be helpful in strategic planning. This book proposes a way to develop such approaches. Corresponding member of Russian Academy of Sciences S.P. Kurdyumov and his co-authors are the leading scientists in the field of nonlinear analysis and mathematical modeling.

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