Feige, Franz

Varieties of Protestantism in Nazi Germany. Five Theopolitical Positions
1990 0-88946-790-0
Examines the history of Christianity in the area of the relationship between theology and politics, particularly as applied to the encounter of German Protestantism and National Socialism, a topic usually treated as the German church struggle. Goes beyond the narrow and limited concerns of the church struggle by both historically deepening and methodologically broadening the perspective through a combined historical and systematic approach. Feige's five-pronged typology of Protestant responses to National Socialism opens up a comparative vantage point from which to address the strengths and weaknesses of the individual responses more fully. The five types are represented by the confessional position of Karl Barth, the neo-conservative Paul Althaus, the National Socialist Emanuel Hirsch, the liberal Martin Rade, and the religious socialist Paul Tillich. The typology is a heuristic device in the sense that equal attention is given to all five types.

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