Ahmad, Fawzia

Professor Fawzia Ahmad was born in Lahore, Pakistan and moved to the United States to complete her academic work. Currently, she teaches for the departments of French and Italian and Women's Studies at the University of Colorado, at Boulder. Her inter-disciplinary teaching interests include Francophone, post-colonial, and feminist literatures and theories.

Study of Land and Milieu in the Works of Algerian-Born Writers Albert Camus, Mouloud Feraoun, and Mohammed Dib
2005 0-7734-6296-1
In this continuum from the pied-noir’s vision of his landscape to the Arab-Algerian’s concept of watan, there is discerned a meaningful connection between land and identity. The author’s reading of the position each author appropriated for himself in the land of his birth in the chosen Algerian pre-independence narratives, attempts to link the three sides of the Algerian trilogy of land, self, and writing. For the Franco-Algerian writers, such an understanding is an important step in knowing the associations that brought divergent reactions to the same land by its colonizers and its colonized. Though time and space specific to the Algeria of 1950s, it furthers an appreciation of present-day reactions and counter reactions that may arise because of the dynamics of self and place. And, also of more importance, the present day (sometimes explosive) issues of self, culture and land in a rapidly changing multicultural climate of our world today.

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