Gore-Booth, Eva

Eva Gore-Booth was an Irish poet and dramatist, a women's rights activist, an advocate for social change and a member of the labour movement.

Fiametta: A Previously Unpublished Play by Eva Gore-Booth
2010 0-7734-3601-4
This is the first ever publication of Fiametta, a five act play by the Irish poet, playwright and political activist Eva Gore-Booth. The manuscript of this previously unpublished play was discovered amongst the personal and literary papers of Gore-Booth. This is an exceptional find. It is rare indeed that an unpublished work, by a celebrated Irish author, is uncovered so many years after their death. This play is a significant contribution to the body of Eva Gore-Booth’s literary work. Fiametta contrasts with Gore-Booth’s other dramas and therefore, adds a new perspective to critical analysis of her work. This volume includes an introduction and brief synopsis of Gore-Booth’s dramatic works and a note on Fiametta.

Price: $139.95

The Plays of Eva Gore-Booth
1991 0-7734-9912-1
Eva Gore-Booth, active feminist and pacifist, and sister of the Irish rebel leader Constance Markievicz, published at least nineteen volumes of poems, plays, and prose during her lifetime. Included under this title are all five of Gore-Booth's plays; well-wrought, actable dramas drawing at times on the same materials Yeats, Lady Gregory, Synge, and AE molded into Ireland's literary renaissance. Supplemented by introductions, a bibliography, and appendices including relevant notes from the 1929 Poems, materials from a rare 1916 edited version of a longer play, and a chronology.

Price: $179.95