Alozie, Emmanuel C.

Dr. Emmanuel C. Alozie is University Professor of Media Communications at Governors State University with a Ph.D. from Southern Mississippi. He has taught at Lincoln University, Shaw University, and Edward Waters College and has worked professionally in advertising, public relations, marketing and journalism. He has published refereed articles and reviews in academic journals, conference proceedings, and has contributed book chapters. He has also presented his scholarly works at national and international conferences. Dr. Alozie serves as an Assistant Editor for Democratic Communiqué, and co-edited Toward the Common Good: Perspectives in International Public Relations (2004, Ally & Bacon). He has received many academic fellowships and awards from various organizations.

Cultural Reflections and the Role of Advertising in the Socio-Economic and National Development of Nigeria
2005 0-7734-6162-0
Few studies have examined the cultural reflections and the role of advertising in the national development of Nigerian or other African countries. This study, which explored the meaning of development, the debate on the role of culture and mass media on social modernization, African political economy as well as Nigerian history, politics, economic and communication development efforts, serves as an attempt to bridge that gulf. The study focused on the role of advertising in the process of social mobilization and modernization in Nigeria by examining the cultural reflections, the nature and characteristics of the messages, and the values and symbols conveyed in Nigerian mass media advertisements. In order to accomplish the task, the study used content and ideological analyses to analyze 500-plus advertisements published or aired in the last quarter of 1998 and the first quarter of 1999. .

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