Bargains, Elizabeth Ann

Dr. Elizabeth Ann Bargains is an Equal Employment Opportunity Manager in the federal government. She received her Ph.D. in Public Administration from Jackson State University. Dr. Bargains has earned many awards for her accomplishments in the field of equal opportunity and diversity.

An Analysis of the Ethnic and Gender Gaps in the Federal Career Senior Executive Service: The Underrepresentation of Minorities and Women (1995-2006)
2013 0-7734-4338-X
This book offers a revealing synopsis of the attempts of the SES to diversify its membership at a time when the possibility of historic gains in racial and gender equality are very much possible. It investigates the gender and racial bias and the progress that America is making to eliminate a very sordid history of recruitment practices and the selection of SES members.

This work is a significant contribution that will strengthen the body of knowledge in which recruitment selection, and placement of minorities and women in upper management positions fill a critical void in the 21st Century America at the Federal level, and government and the private sector in general.

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