Boukrami, Elias

Dr. Elias Boukrami is a Senior Lecturer in banking and finance at the Regent’s University, London. He received his Ph.D. in Empirical Finance from Manchester Metropolitan University.

History of the Algerian Banking Industry 1830-2010
2014 0-7734-0047-8
This important in-depth analysis of the institutional framework of the Algerian banking industry from 1830 to 2010 is a must read for academics, policy makers and individuals interested in the economics of emerging countries and specifically Algeria. It charts the banking evolution and development during Algeria’s post-independence and socialist periods; its relationship to global monetary policy; its free market transformation and its de facto inefficiency. The book also provides insight into the banking change agents from a political cultural perspective and suggests important reforms that would stabilize the Algerian banking industry in the future.

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