Avaliani, Eka

Dr. Eka Avaliani is a Professor at the International Black Sea University and the Director of the Interdisciplinary Research Center.

Four Eternal Cities: Jerusalem, Athens, Rome, and Carthage: Their Origin, Power, and Transforming Influence on Western History
2021 1-4955-0917-6
From the author's introduction: "Herodotus, having written the history of the Greco-Persian Wars i.e., a political event, established the grounds for historical thought. Herodotus executed his research in such a manner that he managed to encompass all contemporary historical events, facts, and processes. In his grand narrative, the Greek historian granted an honourable place to the cities and city dwellers. In our case, the city plays the role of the keystone of historical research. ...This book is devoted to the creation of the tradition of the city, its invention, development, and 21st century comprehension. The analysis of cities from different perspectives and the connection of the contemporary cities to the past are the main goals of the book. (oversized softcover)

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