Botonaki, Effie

About the author: Dr. Effie Botonaki received a B.A. in English from Aristotle University, Greece, an M.A. in Critical and Cultural Theory from the University of Wales, Cardiff, and a PhD in English Literature from Aristotle University. She currently teaches European Literature at the Greek Open University and courses in English literature and civilization at Aristotle University.

Seventeenth-Century English Women’s Autobiographical Writings
2004 0-7734-6381-X
Manuscript discusses and explains the appearance and proliferation of the early modern Englishwomen’s autobiographical writings. In order to provide some answers, this work draws upon a large number of primary documents and close textual analysis. The diaries and autobiographies in question are examined within their historical and ideological context and they are seen as textual spaces that cannot be easily put into clear-cut categories. This study eventually sheds more light not only on the lives of the early modern women and several little-known autobiographical texts by them, but also on the development of autobiography and the diary in the western tradition.

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