Francisco, Edward

Edward Francisco is Professor of English and Writer-in-Residence at Pellissippi State College in Knoxville, Tennessee. Professor Francisco is also a member of the Oxford Roundtable at the University of Oxford, England.

Literary Relationships of Robert Coles and Walker Percy. An American Search for Meaning
2016 1-4955-0479-4
The literary relationship of physicians Robert Coles and Walker Percy may be one of the most important connections in the history of modern American letters. This book not only captures a friendship or union of like minds, but it synthesizes approaches pointing to a new science of “thirdness,” one accounting for the triadic nature of human beings as sign maker-receivers. The book advances both man’s quest to locate a science capable of uniting fields of knowledge and reconciling Cartesian dualism. And understanding how their orientations toward language and being combined to provide the blueprint for constructing a science of semiotic, or sign making, subsuming all science.

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