Anderson, Earl R.

Earl R. Anderson is Professor Emeritus of English at Cleveland State University. He holds a Ph.D. in English from the University of Oregon.

The Civil War Diary of William Biss, 1861-1864: 16th Wisconsin Infantry, Pioneer Corps
2022 1-4955-0983-4
From the editor's Preface (pg. 6):
Biss's diary is researched and edited here for the first time. As far as I can tell, no Civil War historian has ever cited it as a source. And yet, Biss offers insight into certain elements of camp life, such as the roles of Methodism, temperance, forced marches, orders countermanded, constant worry about the danger of illness, and the prevalence of "camp rumor." To genealogists, Biss offers clues about Wisconsin ancestors. He offers insights about certain elements of the Western Theater, such as the Pioneer Corps and steamboat travel on the Mississippi and Tennessee Rivers. To accomplish these things, the diary requires editorial assistance because it is private and often allusive. My comments are attempts to imagine flesh on the bones of my third-great grandfather.

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Understanding Beowulf as an Indo-European Epic. A Study in Comparative Mythology
2010 0-7734-3755-X
This monograph is the first book-length comprehensive textual analysis of the Beowulf saga as an Indo-European epic. It provides a detailed reading of the epic in conjunction with ancient legal and cultural practices that allow for a new understanding of this classic work. This theoretical resource offers insights valuable to the fields of comparative mythology, medieval literature and Anglo-Saxon studies.

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