Carroll, Douglas M.

Professor Douglas M. Carroll, Ed. D., teaches the History of Sport and Sports in Media at Menlo college, Atherton, California. Dr. Carroll assisted in the development of the Sports Management Program and serves as Academic Advisor.

An Interdisciplinary Study of Sport as a Symbolic Hunt a Theory of the Origin and Nature of Sport Based on Paleolithic Hunting
2000 0-7734-7685-7
The interdisciplinary approach uses historical analysis supplemented with anthropological and education research in developing the theory of sport based on Paleolithic hunting. This theory explains the origin of proto-sport based upon recreational hunting, practicing component hunting skills and training the young for subsistence hunting. Primary sources include ancient sculptures, coins and sport equipment, government documents, and portions of televised sportscasts. Figures include graphs that depict the types of hunting, the evolution of sportive contests and the historical development of major sports. With many color illustrations.

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