Martin, Doug

About the author: Doug Martin—a former poetry editor of the Cimarron Review and the Mid-American Review, where he was the coordinator of their annual James Wright Poetry Prize— has been awarded numerous honors for his scholarship and poetry, including a Randi Eldevik Award for his study of Old English prosody, a Theodore Morrison Scholarship in Poetry from the Breadloaf Writers’ Conference, and an Academy of American Poets Prize. Holding a PhD from Oklahoma State University, his articles and poems have appeared in a myriad of journals. Currently the Vice President of the Oscar Wilde Society of America, Martin is a faculty member of Indiana State University’s English Department in Terre Haute, Indiana.

Study of Walt Whitman’s Mimetic Prosody. Free-Bound and Full Circle
2004 0-7734-6415-8
This work suggests that Walt Whitman, in Leaves of Grass, combines both free verse and traditional prosody in mimetic ways. This study follows the thought of Pasquale Jannacone’s 1897 work, Walt Whitman’s Poetry and the Evolution of Rhythmic Forms, a work not translated from the Italian until 1973, and thus highly ignored by American scholars. This study, however, is more in-depth in its use of the accentual-syllabic approach to prosody.

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