Kim, Dongsu

About the author: Dongsu Kim is Associate Professor of Bible and Theology at Nyack College in NYC. He was ordained in PCA, received Ph.D. in Biblical Hermeneutics from Westminster Theological Seminary, and serves as an assistant pastor in Central Presbyterian Church of New York. He translated Let the Reader Understand by Dan G. McCartney and C. Clayton and has written many articles including “Peter-Paul Cycle Embedded in Acts 11:19-12:25 and the Divine Necessity of the Gentile Evangelism.”

An Exegesis of Apostasy embedded in John’s Narratives of Peter and Judas against the Synoptic Parallels
2004 0-7734-6404-2
This study of apostasy in the Johannine writings contributes to filling in the vacuum of scholarship regarding apostasy in the New Testament. The perennial debate between the Arminians and Calvinists over the question has been based on their respective systematic theological presupposition whether it emphasizes freedom of human will or God’s predestination. This study serves to show how John would have understood them in his historical context, and thus affirms a well-known hermeneutic principle that a historical reconstruction must be born out from within the text rather than by imposing the interpreter’s own frame of presuppositions.

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