Royer, Diana

Diana Royer is an Associate Professor of English at Miami University, having taught previously at Temple University, Widener University, and The American University in Cairo. She received her PhD from Temple University. She is co-editor of Selling the Indian, with Carter Jones Meyer (Arizona, 2001) and of Breaking Boundaries: New Perspectives on Women’s Regional Writing, with Sherrie A. Inness (Iowa, 1997)

Critical Study of the Works of Nawal El Saadawi, Egyptian Writer and Activist
2001 0-7734-7538-9
This volume sets El Saadawi’s literary work within the context of her activism, in particular showing how her ideas for the renewal of society run through her writing. As a companion for reading her fiction and nonfiction, this volume contextualizes her work by taking into consideration the complexities of Egyptian society today – in particular, Islamic fundamentalism and women’s status. It also introduces the current scholarly debate on ancient women’s status. Chapters on individual novels look both at technique (oral literary traditions, woman’s narrative, imagery) and topic (female circumcision, gender roles, prostitution, honor killing). Novels examined are Two Women in One; The Circling Song; Woman at Point Zero; God Dies By the Nile.

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