Reinhartz, Dennis

About the author : Dennis Reinhartz received his PhD from New York University. He is currently Associate Professor at The University of Texas at Arlington. He has written and edited several books, including Tabula Terra Nova (with Katherine R. Goodwin, The Somesuch Press); Geography Across the School Curriculum (National Education Association); and Milovan Djilas: A Revolutionary As A Writer (Columbia University Press).

Cartographer and the Literati - Herman Moll and His Intellectual Circle
1997 0-7734-8604-6
Winner of The Adele Mellen Prize for Excellence in Scholarship This is the first book-length study of one of Great Britain's most important and prolific engravers, cartographers and geographers, Herman Moll (1654?-1732), and his work. It puts his life and singular geographies and maps into the historical context of late-17th/early 18th century London at the dawn of the British Empire. It also examines the often-symbiotic interaction of Moll with an exceptional circle of contemporaries: Daniel Defoe, Jonathan Swift, Robert Hooke, John Locke, William Dampier, Woodes Rogers, and William Stukeley. Methodologically and somewhat uniquely for an historical study, this book makes major use of maps and other graphics as sources to reconstruct the history of Moll, his life and times, and friends.

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