Searby, Denis M.

Dr. Denis Michael Searby was born in Queens, New York. He received his B.A. and M.A. degrees in Classical Greek from Columbia University before beginning his studies towards a Ph.D. in Classical Languages at Uppsala University (Sweden). Dr. Searby is currently the Director of Greek Studies, as well as an Associate Lecturer in Greek, in the Department of Classical Languages at the University of Stockholm. Besides writing and publishing various articles on topics related to the Greek gnomological tradition, Byzantine and Classical literature and thought, Dr. Searby has also translated the Revelationes of Saint Birgitta of Sweden, which was published in two volumes with Oxford University Press, and is currently working on an edition of Demetrios Kydone’s treatise in defense of Thomas Aquinas.

Corpus Parisinum (Two Book Set)
2007 0-7734-5300-8
The Corpus Parisinum occupies an important place in the history of medieval Greek florilegia and anthologies, because, as previous scholars such as Elter proved, it was the chief source of the profane or pagan selections in the widely circulated Loci Communes of pseudo-Maximus and related compilations, such as that attributed to Antonius Melissa. Both these latter works have frequently been used by editors of the fragments of lost works, though not always with an understanding of their underlying sources. The Corpus Parisinum includes a collection of Christian texts from the Bible, various Church Fathers and Philo. This edition will be of interest for scholars working on the reception of classical culture, in anthologies and similar forms of indirect textual transmission for a variety of authors, and even for those working more with the history of ideas and ethical traditions.

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