Sachs, David H.

About the author: David H. Sachs, AIA, is Associate Professor in the Department of Architecture, Kansas State University. He received his doctorate from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. In addition to his teaching career, he is also an architect with an independent practice. He has written several books and published articles in professional journals.

Life and Work of the Twentieth Century Louisiana Architect A. Hays Town
2003 0-7734-6686-X
This is the first thorough and substantive examination of architect A. Hays Town’s work. His 70 year career provides an ideal case study in the evolution of twentieth-century American architecture, spanning from a period dominated by Beaux Arts formalism, through a period characterized by the assimilation and acceptance of European Modernism, to a period once again receptive to traditional and regional influences. This examination reveals the remarkable talent and logic which enabled him to assimilate a wide variety of influences from his education and early career as well as influences from the historical examples of his region. It contributes both to an understanding of the potential use of vernacular traditions in general, and specifically, of the rich architectural influences present through Louisiana’s long and intriguing history. The study also includes a discussion of Town’s habits, values, and relationships, providing valuable insights into typical issues involved with the practice of architecture.

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