Cesiri, Daniela

Dr. Daniela Cesiri holds a Ph.D. in English historical linguistics from the University of Salento. She is currently a researcher at the University of Venice “Ca’ Foscari” in the Department of Comparative Linguistic and Cultural Studies.

Nineteenth-Century Irish English: A Corpus-Based Linguistic and Discursive Analysis
2012 0-7734-3070-9
This is the first book to carefully analyze the linguistic conventions associated with Irish English folklore. Other books have studied linguistics in this language variety by studying letters, and all have ignored the use of folklore in constructing language conventions. This is the first book to discuss how peasants played a role in the construction of the Irish English languages.

The main purpose of this volume is the study of linguistic and discursive aspects of nineteenth-century Irish-English. The purpose is to introduce new insights into the historical evolution and development of this variety of dialect. This is done through the investigation of particular texts that fit a typology that until now have never been used as a source of historical dialect material. The texts chosen are written transcriptions of oral tales narrated by Irish peasant storytellers.

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