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Aum Shinrikyo’s Impact on Japanese Society
2000 0-7734-7766-7
Aum Shinrikyo gained great notoriety when its leaders killed and injured thousands of subway commuters in Tokyo in March 1995. This work analyzes the vast impact that Aum Shinrikyo has had on Japanese society, including its great appeal to Japanese youth, the so-called “Aum Generation”. There is also an in-depth study of the question of civil liberties in Japan now that so many Japanese wish to ban sects. Final chapters detail many political questions raised by the Aum crisis, Aum’s revivalist mission to Russia, and attempts by Aum and other New Religions in Japan to gain money and fame by pushing a strong “Armageddon” theme. One chapter includes case histories of many Aum members.

Price: $159.95

Burma's Modern Tragedy
2004 0-7734-6295-3
The goal of this volume is to introduce the reader to conditions in Burma through the eyes of Burmese and foreign scholars who present a variety of perspectives of life in this noble land. This study aims at a collective portrait of the dismal reality of a suffering citizenry who if allowed to be free could be among the most creative, energetic and productive people of Asia. It also looks at the complexity of a highly heterogeneous people striving to find a collective identity amidst the chaos of savage repression.

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Soka Gakkai Buddhist Movement in Québec. The Lotus and the Fleur de Lys
1997 0-7734-8472-8
Quebec's Quiet Revolution of the 1960s and the decline of the Catholic church had a profound effect on the spiritual life of the citizenry. Quebec became a largely secular society, but some turned to new religions. By the late 1990s, well over a thousand Quebeckers had joined the Soka Gakkai, a Japanese-based Buddhist organization with ten million followers worldwide. This study analyzes why an Asian Buddhist group would attract a respectable and devoted following in once-Catholic Quebec while other Buddhist movements have always failed in Quebec and the rest of Canada. Metraux presents a history of Soka Gakkai movement in both Japan and Canada, as well as interviews and testimonies from a large number of Quebec Soka Gakkai leaders and members.

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Taiwan's Political and Economic Growth in the Late 20th Century
1991 0-7734-9636-X
This book is an introductory study of the emergence of Taiwan as an independent state within the Chinese nation.

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The History and Theology of Soka Gakkai: A Japanese New Religion
1988 0-88946-055-8
A Japanese New Religion The Soka Gakkai, with 10 million members, is a critically important force in Japan and remains the biggest of Japan's new religions. Metraux outlines the eschatological worldview of the Soka Gakkai and gives an analysis of its American branch.

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The Japanese Economy and the American Businessman
1989 0-88946-158-9
This comprehensive introduction to the Japanese business world contains an analysis of their culture and methods of negotiation, explains the nature of the Japanese company, and examines the growth of U.S.-Japanese relations.

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