Onwumechili, Chuka

About the author: Chuka Onwumechili is Professor of Communications at Bowie State University in Bowie, Maryland, where he teaches graduate courses in international telecommunications, United States telecommunications policy, and corporate telecommunications. He has appeared on numerous cable television programs to discuss these topics, and has numerous publications including books, journal articles, and book chapters.

Press and Politics in Africa
2000 0-7734-7684-9
This book deals with the relations between public communications and politics in the context of the nation-state system in Africa. It adopts an approach that interweaves theory and practice and, in this sense, stands apart from previous, mostly descriptive studies. It begins with an overview that presents a general theoretical model of communication and influence processes in politics. Other chapters focus on the practical issues. The final chapter, noting that many of the state –press interaction problems are partly matters of politics and partly matters of interpretation, integrates the descriptions, suggestions, and prescriptions of the earlier chapters in an interpretive analysis that also serves as a guide for future research and policymaking.

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Reform, Organizational Players and Technological Developments in African Telecommunications - An Update
2003 0-7734-6658-4
This study provides up to date information in the field of African telecommunications policy and access. It includes information on a broad range of topics, including the growth of wireless telephones, documentation of bilateral and multilateral participation in African telecommunications development, organizations that run the gamut from broadcasting to new media, policy structures, country case studies, and more. Continent-wide information is provided along with specific, in-depth analyses of Ethiopia, Nigeria, and South Africa

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