Nouryeh, Christopher

Dr. Nouryeh received his Ph.D. from CUNY and is Professor of English & Humanities(Comparative Literature & Intercultural Studies) at SUNY at Canton. His publications include "Translations and Critical Study of Ten Pre-Islamic Odes: Traces in the Sand, Arab-Muslim Views of the West from the Ninth Century to the Twentieth, The Art of Narrative in the Holy Qur'an, The Arab-Muslim Development of Muhammd's Teaching: from Acts of "Madness" to the Arts of Spirituality & Shura.He is presently working on The Story of Joseph: an Ethico-Spiritual Crossing Over religious and Cultural Boundaries.

A Psychoanalytic Interpretation of the Story of Joseph, the Son of Jacob: A Study in Comparative Culture, Ethics, and Spirituality
2015 1-4955-0385-2
This is a new and different psychoanalytic interpretation of the Old Testament Joseph Story which examines different cultural perspectives including the Christian, Hebraic and Qur’anic versions of this familiar religious story.

Price: $179.95

A Translation and Critical Study of Ten Pre-Islamic Odes: Traces in the Sand
1993 0-7734-9319-0
This book unveils the unique event of pre-Islamic poetry. It shows how personal ethics which is also an esthetics inaugurate Arabic cultural heritage free of outside moral authority or discipline. Here, among a group of poets, one discovers the roots of that heritage.

Price: $199.95

Arab-Muslim Development of Muhammad’s Teaching. From Acts of “madness” to the Arts of Spirituality and shura
2012 0-7734-3669-3
This book investigates the presuppositions, namely ethics, spirituality and psychoanalysis, of the concept of shura, and how they can be applied in the art of governmentality.

Price: $219.95

Arab-Muslim Views of the West From the Ninth Century to the Twentieth
2005 0-7734-5958-8
This book discusses Arab-Muslim views of the West in the past twelve centuries, a huge period of time full of varying events. A distinctive mark of this study is that it provides the English-speaking reader with the original Arab-Muslim arguments, relying on a wide range of Arabic primary and secondary sources. It is an authentic source of thoughts that improves the literature and bridges gaps between the two distinct civilizations.

Price: $219.95

Art of Narrative in the Holy Qur’?n: A Literary Appreciation of a Sacred Text
2008 0-7734-5179-X
This work attempts to recapture the fluid relationship between ethics and such institutions as faith, politics and literary art not seen, according to the author, since the time of Muhammad. By exploring the narrative that Muhammad employs in the Qur’?n , the author works to reestablish the relationship and prove that if today’s Arab-Muslims still deem Muhammad the ethico-political and religio-artistic model to emulate, as he has been in the past, it is because he relates art to life.

Price: $259.95