Anderson, Christopher

Dr. Christopher J. Anderson holds a Ph.D. from Drew University in Historical Studies and American Religious History. He has been a Lecturer at Drew University, and currently works as Assistant Librarian and Research Specialist in American religious history at Drew.

Centenary Celebration of American Methodist Missions: The 1919 World's Fair of Evangelical Americanism
2012 0-7734-3049-0
The Centenary Celebration of American Methodist Missions examines early twentieth century American Protestant missions and demonstrates how the Methodist Episcopal Church and the Methodist Epsicopal Church, South, used the exposition as a staging ground to sell foreign and domestic missions as a means to civilize and Christianize the world. Inside the pavilions of the fair Americans viewed "the world" through hundreds of exhibits containing international peoples converted to Christianity, representations of their indigenous homes, and curios of material objects. The fair functioned as an arena to educate U.S. Protestants on the global reach of mission organizations and missionaries busy at work converting the world to Christ.

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