Carman, Charles H.

About the author: Charles Carman is an associate professor of art history at The University at Buffalo (SUNY), where he has served as chair of the Art History Department and is now director of undergraduate studies. He received his PhD from The Johns Hopkins University, and then spent two years in Italy on a Kress fellowship. His publications include articles on Masaccio, Leonardo da Vinci, and Michelangelo, as well as on Baroque artist Lodovico Cardi “Il Cigoli”.

Images of Humanist Ideals in Italian Renaissance Art
2000 0-7734-7804-3
Study about the ideals of humanism as they are manifest in the visual arts. Using, in particular, the notion of dignity as set forth by the well-known humanist Giannozzo Manetti in his book On the Dignity of Man, the author has subjected a number of art works to iconographical analysis. He examines works by Masaccio, Brunelleschi, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Raphael, among others. The volume offers new iconographical interpretations of ‘old’ images as well as new insights into the interrelationships between artist and humanist. The text suggest that the artist assumed much of the intellectual responsibility of humanism by developing the means of effectively translating its ideals into visually legible terms.

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