Roussel Zuazu, Chantal

Dr. Chantal Roussel Zuazu is an Assistant Professor of Spanish/French at the University of Texas at Tyler. Dr. Roussel Zuazu received her Ph.D in Nineteenth-century Spanish Peninsular Literature/Golden Age from Texas Tech University.

LA LITERATURA DE VIAJE ESPAƑOLA DEL SIGLO DIECINUEVE CLASIFICADA EN SUBGƉNEROS: Los Diferentes Tipos de Libros de Viaje Escritos en EspaƱa durante el Siglo Diecinueve, del Duque de Rivas a Miguel De Unamuno
2011 0-7734-1498-3
This typology of the XIXth century peninsular travel literature offers a model for possible future studies of the travel literature of different countries and leads to the tracking of a possible evolution of the subgenres proposed. In the light of numerous previous and recent events of classification by authors such as Angela PƩrez Mejƭa, Fernando CristovaƵ, Lily Litvak, Otmar Ette, Charles Batten and many more, and as they transcend a chronological order or an evolution according to the many literary trends of the century, the subgenres are based on content, which was determined to be the best way to proceed. The findings of this study show that what determines the determines the subgenres is, beside the examination of the content, the didactic intention of the author combined with the specific reader horizon of expections for the particular travel book.

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